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by Russ Larson on Blank Business Name
Significantly Increased the Life of the Bad Bearing

I had been experiencing a lot of bearing noise at the input shaft bearing of the manual transmission in our 2005 Honda Civic. With the engine running, the transmission in neutral and the clutch out, the bearing noise could be heard over the radio. Like most of the mechanics that I know, repairs to our car was at the bottom of the list of things that need to be done. Looking at driving this car on a 300 mile trip, Pete recommended that I add a bottle of the Petron Gear Oil additive. With nothing to lose, I added about five ounces to this small transmission.At sixty miles of freeway driving at 60-70 MPH, we pulled into the rest area south of Olympia Washington, the bearing noise could not be heard at all inside the passenger compartment. The only way i could detect the noise was to put my ear next to the wheel well and listen intently. But i knew what I was listening for. I asked other people if they could hear any noise coming from this car and they both told me they told me they could not hear any noise.Being a mechanic myself, I know it did not magically make my bearing new. But I can tell you that it significantly increased the life of the bad bearing. If only the Petron had been added sooner, this damage could have been averted entirely.I have had similar results with a sticky lifter in my F-150. I will recommend this product to all of my friends and family. Thank you Pete. Blessing, Russ.

by Patrick Prater on Blank Business Name
Great Products

Transmission Gear box runs smoother and cooler:)))Great products, we use the diesel fuel supplement; Engine Supplement, Transmission Gear Box Supplement; Hyd raulic Supplement, love the greases too!Pat

by Natalie Sitzler on Blank Business Name
It's Worth Every Penny!

The gas supplement makes my car run way smoother than before! My mileage is better, and it is so great that it reverses my ethanol output. I really love this stuff and It's worth every penny!

by Justin Sitzler on Blank Business Name
Passed Emissions the First Time

I use the weapons oil on all of my collection, I'm impressed. -no jamming, stays clean longer--the gas supplement has good results, we passed emissions the first time.

by Roosevelt Bowens on Blank Business Name
Highly Recommended

I have weapons and I was looking a better lubricant cleaner for my guns, I was given Lubricants Solutions and worked AWESOME!!!. I really like the small needle applicator, it gets into the small areas very well. The lubricate is great, if you want to ensure your weapons stays in top condition, Highly Recommended!