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Quality Control & Lab Tests


PPX, Inc. (PPX), has its own quality control and research facilities, plus uses a test facility in San Antonio, Texas, that is recognized around the world, for additional quality control and testing.

PPX’s, R&D uses unique and patented advanced technology additives with the highest grade of base stocks to manufacture the highest standard for lubricant products available in the world.

Below is a particle list of ASTM and other test methods that can be run:

Method Description
AFNOR Filterability of Mineral Oil (specify wet or dry)
Channeling Test – Gear Lube Channeling characteristics of gear oil
Cincinnati Milacron Thermal Cincinnati Milacron Thermal Stability Procedure A
Cincinnati Milacron Thermal Cincinnati Milacron Thermal Stability Procedure B
D1094 Water Interaction (Fuels)
D1209 Color – APHA
D1218 Refractive Index
D1264 Water Wash Out – Grease
D128 Neutralization Number – Grease
D129 Sulfur (Bomb Method)
D130 Copper Strip Corrosion
D1500 Color
D1662 Sulfur, Active
D1743 Corrosion Preventive Properties of Grease
D1748 Rust Protection (Humidity Cabinet)
D1831 Roll Stability of Grease
D2070 Thermal Stability
D217 Cone Penetration (Grease)
D2155 Autoignition Temperature
D2161 Viscosity 100°F or 210°F, Saybolt
D2265 Dropping Point of Grease
D2266 4-Ball Wear (Grease)
D2270 Viscosity Index – (Calculation only)
D2272 Rotating Bomb Oxidation Test
D2274 Oxidation Stability (Fuels)
D2500 Cloud Point
D2509 Timken OK Load (Grease)
D2596 4-Ball EP (Grease)
D2619 Hydrolytic Stability (Oils)
D2622 Sulfur by WDXRF (Base Oils, Fuels)
D2699 Octane, Research (RON)
D2700 Octane, Motor (MON)
D2711 Demulsibility Characteristics
D2782 Timken OK Load
D2783 4-Ball EP (Load Wear Index)
D287 Gravity, API
D2893 Oxidation Characteristics of EP Oil
D2896 Base Number
D2983 Viscosity -Brookfield
D3233A Falex Pin/Vee (Quick Check)
D3233B Falex Pin/Vee (Regular Check)
D3524 Fuel Dilution, Diesel by GC
D3525 Fuel Dilution, Gasoline by GC
D3527 Life Performance of Auto Wheel Bearing grease
D381 Existent Gum Content (Fuels)
D4048 Corrosion, Copper (Grease)
D4049 Water Spray Resistance of Grease
D4052 Specific Gravity
D4172 4-Ball Wear
D4170 Fretting Wear
D4290 Life Performance of Wheel Bearing Grease
D445 Viscosity – Kinematic
D4539 mod Low Temperature Flow Test
D4737 Cetane Index, Calculated
D4739 Total Base Number
D482 Ash, Total
D5001 Ball on Cylinder Lubricity Evaluation
D524 Carbon Residue – Ramsbottom
D5621 Shear Stability, Sonic (Hydraulic Fluids)
D5662 Immersion Seal Test (Gear Oils)
D5706 SRV Grease EP Method
D5949 Pour Point
D5950 Pour Point, Auto Tilt
D5985 Pour Point, Rotation
D6082 Foam, High Temperature
D6371 Cold Filter Plugging Point
D6557 Ball Rust Test – TMC Certified
D664 Acid Number
D665 Rust Prevention Proc. A & B
D892 Foaming Characteristics (Sequence I-III)
D92 Flash Point – Cleveland Open Cup
D93 Flash Point – Pensky-Martins
D942 Grease Bomb Oxidation Stability
D943 Oxidation Stability (Inhibited Mineral Oils)
D95 Water Content
D97 Pour Point
D974 Acid Base Number by Color Indicator Titration
D976 Cetane Index
Denison TP-02100-A Filtration Test – Denison HF-0 Spec.
FTM 0313 Cone Penetration, Worked Stability
FTM 321 Oil Separation
FTM 1303.1 791B Flock Point
FTM 3411 Thermal Stability and Corrosivity
FTM 3459 Stability, Low Temperature (0 to -65°F)
FTM 4001.2 Salt Spray Corrosion
FTM 791B Method 203 mod. Pour Stability
JDQ-19 Water Tolerance, John Deere
JDQ-9 Seal Test, John Deere
MIL-G-27617D Film Stability & Corrosion on Steel
MIL-H-46170 Water Sensitivity
MIL-H-83282 High Temperature Stability
MIL-L-07808 Swelling of Rubber
MIL-L-23699 Swelling of Rubber
NLGI Table Lubricant Consistency Grease
pH Determination pH @ 25°C
US Steel Method LT 18 Bethlehem Steel Combo Test Parts A & B
US Steel Method LT 37 Mobility of Grease (0 to 60°F)
US Steel Method LT 37 Mobility of Grease (77°F)
US Steel Method LT 37 Mobility of Grease (Below 0°F)