Seattle Engine Lubricant, High Performance Oil and Friction Reducer

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We solve our customers’ most-critical lubrication problems with scientific innovative state-of -the art lubrication technology.

Engine Lubricant

Engines today are starving for proper lubricants; as the ppm (parts per million) of sulfur in the fuel is so low today;(15ppm, used to be 500-600ppm in diesel fuel). Lack of lubricity causes extreme wear of the metal to metal contact, reducing the life of the engine significantly.

High Performance Oil

In professional racing; proper lubrication is a must, as the engines are producing 7,000-11,000 rpm’s. Rings, pistons, valves, lifters, assembly screws, etc. all need great effective lubrication on the demanding action they provide.

Friction Reducer

The MP-5 was left in direct sunlight to heat up. The test was to see if there was a TD (time differential) that could be recorded. A timer that is used by pistol marksmen was used to record the time relay. The firearm was thoroughly cleaned and degreased, and dried before applying a coating of xx to the action.